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Product Detail Information:
Invacare Reliant™ 350 Powered Stand-Up Lift 39-3/5" to 63-7/10" H INVRPS3501
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Invacare Reliant™ 350 Powered Stand-Up Lift 39-3/5" to 63-7/10" H

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Invacare Reliant™ 350 Powered Stand-Up Lift 39-3/5" to 63-7/10" H, 4-1/2" Clearance, 350 lb Weight Capacity, Two 24V DC Batteries shipped With Unit, 24V DC Output, Audible Low Battery Alarm

The Invacare Reliant™ Series Stand-Up Lifts are an ideal product for everyday patient handling, ensuring caregiver security and patient peace of mind during the transfer. Intended for use with weight-bearing patients as well as those needing rehabilitation support, the Invacare Reliant Stand-Up lift will be a valuable addition to your safety management system.

  • Innovative adjustment features adapt to a wide variety of body sizes and shapes.
  • Low friction casters significantly improve rollability and contribute to caregiver safety.
  • Multi-function slings allow for quick toileting, stand assist or full-support seated transfer.
  • Adjustable leg support features a soft pad with lateral contour that secures legs in three positions for comfort at any height.
  • Wide, non-slip footplate provides stable base for transfer.
  • Removable battery eliminates downtime ergonomic features make it ideal for toilet transfers, as well as for dependent and rehabilitation purposes.
  • Features include fast, simple sling attachment that protects against accidental disengagement; wide push handle; good access for clothing removal; and comfortable slings with extended back support that prevent pressure in the under-arm area.
  • Adjustable leg strap option secures leg against knee pad for optimum positioning on footplate.
  • Manufactured in an ISO13485 facility.



This is a special order item that ships directly from the manufacturer. Please allow for approximately 10 to 15 business days.
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Reliant 350 Powered Stand-Up Lift, 39-3/5" - 63-7/10"
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